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  • Can I create a page on behalf of a group or church?

    Yes, when creating a fundraising page, at section '5. Select an organisation', search for the organisation using our look-up function.

    You can enter a valid Organisation Reference (OR) e.g. OR123456 or enter a valid postcode.

    Once you've entered the OR or postcode, click search and the name of the Organisation should be displayed. You can then finish creating your page.

  • Can I see all the pages created by a certain group/organisation?

    Yes you can. Visit the search page and find your group/organisation using the criteria specified at the top of the page.

    When you click through to the main page of the group/organisation, you can then see further details of the amount raised across the various fundraising activity pages and also click to view the activities created by supporters.

  • I'm unable to find my organisation using their post code or organisation reference (OR) number, what should I do?

    We have a large comprehensive list of organisations available, but should you not manage to find your intended organisation, please contact us.