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My story

I worked for Christian Aid for more than five years between 2004 and 2010, and had the privilege of being one of the people who helped Christian Aid Week to happen each year while I was there. So that little red envelope that makes a huge difference will always have a special place in my heart. Even more so though, the people whose stories I heard and shared with others while I was there… brave stories of people overcoming poverty, adapting to climate change and combatting injustice. Inspiring stories of people making a difference - not just for their families - but for their whole communities… 

Every year, we had the privilege of choosing one of those stories to feature in Christian Aid Week. Here is this year’s…

‘In Burundi, malnourishment and poverty affect more than 70% of the population, putting them at the edge of survival.

Coming back from the edge isn't easy when food can be scarce, disease prevalent, and jobs hard to come by. If you have a home, chances are there's no electricity or running water, and it may not even survive the next storm.

Aline, pushed to the brink, was abused, homeless and hungry. But Aline pushed back. She found a lifeline through Christian Aid funded small business training and she set up as a grocery wholesaler. This meant Aline achieved what had seemed impossible, a vital income for her and her children.

You can help ensure more people in Burundi get the skills and knowledge they need to fulfil their hopes and ambitions.

Donate and help someone push back against poverty this Christian Aid Week.’

Christian Aid’s house to house collection has been working hard for decades, thanks to some other very inspiring individuals - its huge army of collectors and organisers. But it’s been facing lots of practical challenges in recent years, not least of all many of us not having cash at home to put in it!

But now they have this digital envelope, it makes it really easy for me to share it with my friends, family and communities… so here it is. It would be great if you could add something into it but no pressure… I understand how many causes come all of our ways…

Donate now

How your money helps

Poverty pushed Aline to the brink. She was abused, homeless and hungry. But Aline pushed back harder. With Christian Aid funded small business training, she achieved what had seemed impossible, a vital income for her and her children.

Fundraising this Christian Aid Week will ensure more people in Burundi get the skills and knowledge they need to push back against the inhumanity of poverty.

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Aline Nibogora is pushing back against extreme poverty in Makamba Province, Burundi by raising the living conditions of her community with the support of Christian Aid. Credit: Ndacayisaba Epitace
Aline Nigobora stands in front of her home, She wears a pink top and green skirt and is looking in the camera with a neutral expression