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Scooby and I are looking forward to getting out there in May, (in hopefully kind weather and without too many other dogs on route!) ) and walking over the month the 70k for the Christian Aid 2024 challenge. You may see us out and about, give us a wave!  

Why? To help people push back against poverty. Did you know, malnourishment and poverty affect more than 70% of people in Burundi?

Christian Aid are working to empower families in Burundi to build reliable and diverse incomes. Take Aline, for example. She found a lifeline in Christian Aid after she felt the full force of extreme poverty, when an early marriage ended in abuse and violence. We helped her with small business training and she set up as a grocery wholesaler. Today, Aline can afford food, clothes, and essential healthcare for her family.

There’s more people Christian Aid could reach – and that’s why I’m fundraising and taking part in 70K in May.

The money raised can help ensure more people get the skills and knowledge they need to fulfil their hopes and ambitions.  £10 could provide one person with the training that supports their family to set up a small business, such as selling home-grown vegetables.

Together we can make a lasting difference.  Thank you for your support!

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Wendy Horn
4 days 23 hours ago
We Finished!!

🐾Scooby’s Done It!!!🐕
Yay! 🥳 🥳

Yesterday we broke through the **70k** challenge with our last official walk for Christian Aid in May, taking us to 73.25km. 

What a privilege it’s been to raise funds for this charity, helping those in desperate need in the third world. 

Thank you so much to our sponsors….. you were fantastic! Scooby raised 
❤️£853.75❤️including the cash sponsorship plus a bit of gift aid to come. 😊😊 

Thank you again! Wendy and Scooby x

Wendy Horn
1 week 2 days ago
Scooby’s nearly Done it!

A lovely week has just gone again and we made steady progress throughout. We experienced some waves, chats, even a car honking a us a few times and of course lots of beautiful spring flowers in gardens along our routes. 

60k now walked! 😊😊😊

Wendy Horn
2 weeks 2 days ago
Week ending 12th May

Phew it was a hot week but we still managed to get out early to walk! We clocked up 18k over the week bring our accumulated total to just over 40k! 
Thank you so much for the continued donations, encouragement and interest you’ve all shown. Some pictures are on Facebook; our ‘beauty coffers’ certainly have been filled up! 😍

Wendy Horn
3 weeks 2 days ago
70k and away….

Update on 70k 
Christian Aid Walk 

WOW am blown away by the KM we’ve covered (25) in 6 days and your kind generosity which has been encouraging us! Thank you so much! 🥰

Now to plan for next week……

Christian Aid
3 weeks 6 days ago
Target reached!

Congratulations! This activity has reached its target!

Christian Aid
4 weeks ago
75% of target reached!

Congratulations! This activity has reached 75% of its target!

Christian Aid
1 month ago
50% of target reached!

Congratulations! This activity has reached 50% of its target!

Christian Aid
1 month 1 week ago
First donation received!

Congratulations! This activity has received its first donation!

How your money helps

Poverty pushed Aline to the brink. She was abused, homeless and hungry. But Aline pushed back harder. With Christian Aid funded small business training, she achieved what had seemed impossible, a vital income for her and her children.

Fundraising this Christian Aid Week will ensure more people in Burundi get the skills and knowledge they need to push back against the inhumanity of poverty.

Image credits and information i
Aline Nibogora is pushing back against extreme poverty in Makamba Province, Burundi by raising the living conditions of her community with the support of Christian Aid. Credit: Ndacayisaba Epitace
Aline Nigobora stands in front of her home, She wears a pink top and green skirt and is looking in the camera with a neutral expression